Saturday, July 4, 2009

Exhibition - Photographer Anthony Hernandez: Technological changes created a new photography style

"Pictures by Anthony Hernandez of people waiting for the bus in Los
Angeles in the early 1980s were part of the re-evaluation of
photography that was going on around the world during that period,
according to artist Jeff Wall.

Until the late 1970s, street photography meant trying to make a
composition very quickly of strangers in public spaces. But Wall said
at about that time, he was among a new generation of artists that
included German artist Andreas Gursky in Dusseldorf who were working
with photography but were interested in taking the medium somewhere

What Hernandez did technically was change from using a hand-held 35 mm
camera to a large format camera on a tripod. This both slowed down the
way Hernandez took street photographs and opened up his work, Wall

From, Tech change created new photography style, by Kevin Griffin,
Vancouver Sun:

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