Saturday, June 27, 2009

Kodak rewards two in Yellow Rose Boy search

Scott Campbell for CrunchGear, "A 20-year-old Canadian woman has claimed a $5,000 prize set by Kodak for the first person to find the boy who was pictured attempting to give actress Megan Fox a rose. [Ed. PHa here, we've also confirmed with Kodak that a second winner will be announced and each will get the $5000 cash reward. We expect an official release in an hour or so.]
Kim Falardeau, a Montrealer, has been contacted by Kodak, who are planning to announce the win soon. She received a phone call from the company at around 11.30am (CET) on Thurday 25th June. She had received emails from crafty bloggers pretending to be from the company in an attempt to gain information."

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