Saturday, June 27, 2009

Nan Goldin: unafraid of the dark By Drusilla Beyfus -

By Drusilla Beyfus -, "During our conversation, I picked up the following Goldinisms and reflections, all communicated in her deep, throaty voice:
On portraits: 'I realised a long time ago that outside of commercial work I would never photograph anyone that I didn't want to live with. I didn't think anyone had the right to photograph a stranger. But now I know that there are other ways that people photograph strangers with compassion, either as a reflection of themselves or where they go deep into a relationship in some way or help people.'
On truthfulness: 'At the Tate Gallery I asked an audience of 150 how many of them believed a photograph could be real. Only five put up their hands. That's not a world I thought I would grow into.'
On attitude: 'A real artist doesn't do themselves. I don't do Nan Goldin."

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